Chiller Connections Leaking

This article will guide you through how to troubleshoot leaking chiller connections.
The reservoir in the chiller could be leaking because it is off kilter and needs to resettle. Do the following to see if this is the issue:
  1. Make sure your chiller is on a level surface.
  2. To help it resettle, disconnect your chiller and move it a few feet from the Plunge. Then move it back into place and reconnect.

Air could be trapped in the reservoir causing pressure build up leading to a leak.

This can be solved by performing air purge by use the release valve on top of the filter 

 Make sure rubber grommets are on the chiller connections correctly.

The grommet acts as a plug between the chiller connection and chiller. Make sure you have 1/4 inch of PVC coming from the grommet. See the photo below on what it should look like.