Set-up Instructions

Congratulations on your Avanto Cold Tub! Follow these simple steps to set up your cold plunge and embark on a journey to enhanced well-being.

Step 1: Location Requirements

  • Carefully open the packaging of your Avanto Cold Tub
  • Place the tub on a flat surface that can support 1,200 lbs. and keep it 5 feet from any other applications
  • Place the chiller behind the tub with 10” between the chiller and the wall for proper air flow
  • Let the chiller rest for 4 hours prior to turning on to allow the coolant to settle (Not doing so could result in issues with the chiller)

Step 2: Attaching the hoses

  • Attach hose A to OUT on the chiller
  • Attach hose B to B on the filter pump
  • Attach hose C to the IN on the chiller

Step 3: Filling your Avanto Cold Tub

  • Make sure the air release valve on the pump is open when filling your tub
  • Run the water through the filter for 20-30 seconds to make sure the water is chilled prior to filling up your cold tub
  • Recommend Water Levels:
      • Indoor = 4” from the top
      • Outdoor = 3" from the top

Step 4: Powering up Pump and Chiller

  • Once the water is half full in your cold tub, please plug in the chiller and the pump
  • Some pumps will have a 1-10 on the plug which is a timer
  • Set the time to 10
  • Priming the Pump - there is an air release value on top of the pump use please release some air once full. 


    Step 6: Setting Temperature

    • Hold the “SET” button until you hear a beep and see the numbers flashing
    • Press the up or down arrow for your selected temperature and Press “SET” to lock in desired temperature
    • Water will be within 3 degrees of your set water temperature